Why to do an internship abroad?

Benefits of doing an internship

Considering that “learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations” moving away from the comfort of the books and theories to a company, where putting the acquired skills into practice and facing real challenges is a must. An internship is an important part of the education of the students creating a smooth transition to the labour market.

Working within a company is often an eye-opening experience and it is almost impossible to fully understand the realities of your chosen career without doing one. It’s a great way to try out your chosen field to make sure you like it before you commit on a more permanent basis and also one of the best ways to make new friends and contacts within the industry.

Therefore, an internship will not only boost your personal skills but also give you a new perspective to move forward in the future.

Why an internship abroad?

Students who study abroad gain experience that is unforgettable and invaluable and can not be paralleled at home. Cultural immersion is an essential aspect of studying abroad and provides students with a basic understanding of business practices associated with different cultural norms and values. Not only will you need to adjust to the culture of the country you have travelled to, but you will also have to accustom yourself to the different working cultures in your new office or workplace.

As you can probably imagine, the manner in which employees work varies from country to country. Your internship will give you a unique perspective, showing you how things are done in different cultures and allowing you to learn from this. This “new perspective” can only developed through an international internship and will give you an extra edge when you start looking for work.

However, an international internship is not just about working. By living in a new country you will have the opportunity to develop language skills in the best environment available – a place where they actually speak it and where you will be forced to speak it yourself. There is simply no better way to learn a language and you will find that your skills develop at a rapid pace that many would never expect. It is not your internship itself that allows you to do this, but your time in another country – working and living with local people.

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