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Journalism Internship for an international news media company

The Typewriter is a news media start-up founded in May 2013 which aims at publishing news editorial and opinion articles which are only written from the local perspective. We distinguish ourselves from the established media outlets because we do not believe in the purpose of foreign correspondents. There should not be a need for journalists from one country to visit another country and report back to the home audience especially when there are individuals who are perfectly capable of telling their own stories themselves. So we look for these individuals and we invite them to submit articles to The Typewriter hoping to provide our readers with a voice that is genuine and a perspective that is overlooked. We have a community of over 5 million readers and 200 writers from 70 countries writing about their surroundings and reporting what s actually happening on the ground. We are an accepted new source on Google News and we have been consistently invited by the United Nations in attending inter-agency youth discussion forums. Write to us if you want to build a work portfolio in art media communication journalism politics law business or public relations. The majority of our management and editing staff is based in Sydney Australia. We are currently looking for Junior Editors and Translators in French, German and English who can work for ONE FULL DAY a week for around six months. (http://thetypewriter.org)

If you are interested in this internship please apply directly on Eurasmus by clicking on "Apply for this internship".


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Willingness to work independently without much supervision

Able to work at home and communicate with senior editors online

Good knowledge of politics, culture and the news

Published on: Oct. 5, 2015

94 applicants .


Journalism Internship for an international news media company

The Typewriter

Internship conditions

From : Sept. 9, 2015

Duration : 6 months


Salary : No salary



The Typewriter


An online news media channel which only publishes articles which are written from an individuals' own local perspective, reporting on what's happening on the ground. Unlike existing news media channels, we do not send foreign journalists to investigate and report, we give the initiative to provide content and tell a story, back to the individual.