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District Wholesales Development and Marketing Manager

Euro Motors produces 250 cc & 125 cc motorcycles with sidecar. We are a company of enthusiasts and have passion for our products!

There are two 250 cc and two 125 cc models. All models have EC-Type Approval, are 3 passenger legal, and have the characteristics that sidecar enthusiasts appreciate. They are offered at very affordable and competitive prices (both wholesale and retail). The product is unique and the intern can capitalize on the monopolistic characteristics of the product.

The production of the Euro Motors models with specifications and homologation for the European market started in the summer of 2012; all models are also available with left hand mounted sidecars for the UK, Cyprus, etc.

Now Euro Motors is developing its network of dealers worldwide; which already includes dealers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, Sweden, UK, France, Greece, Norway and Latvia. The intern will be involved in the development and support of this network in his/her district (assigned territory).

Job Description:

EM is accepting applications for District Wholesales Development and Marketing Manager. This district will be a major area and be defined in cooperation with the applicant; this district will be the exclusive business area of the intern in the sense that no other EM representative will take any action in it to compete with the intern. Duties include the wholesale of EM models, developing and monitoring retail sales strategies, evaluating and reporting market conditions and identifying new sales opportunities.

EM is looking for a self-motivated individual with or without a sales background, but with a passion for motorcycles, who communicates well and values customer satisfaction. A candidate must have a strong desire to succeed (one who does not wait for something to happen but makes it happen!), and be professional, friendly, detail orientated, and is able to multitask.

The position is responsible for positively affecting and achieving the sales goals of EM in the assigned territory.

Euro Motors (EM) is located in Athens, Greece and its production takes place in People’s Republic of China. Cooperation with and guidance of the intern will be from the distance.

Successful applicants will have to complete an e-training course provided by EM. Following this will have the opportunity to have one sample unit (demo) of an EM model at cost for supporting business in their district (applicants who take this option will be proffered).

The duration of the internship is 6-9 months (depending on agreement). The objective will be the establishment of an EM dealers’ network (the number of dealer will be based on district definition and market specifics).

Upon completion of the internship:

• The Intern receives a certificate of completion from the company including evaluations and recommendations.
• EM and the intern may agree to continue their cooperation. For example, the Intern (in his/her district, in a wider area, or in another district that will be defined by the two parties) may become an EM Distributor, EM representative (which will be a commission paid job), or may start his/her own EM dealership.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

o Follow established procedures and guidelines to establish EM dealerships and promote and sell the EM products and services within the assigned territory.
o Manage territory by providing assistance to EM dealers
o Work to build relationships with all dealers by visiting new and existing ones.
o Responsible for developing targets and goals and learning about products to help dealers increase market share.
o Maintain tracking information for all dealer sales programs, specific to territory and communicate market conditions to EM.
o Conduct basic sales training for dealer, including owner, sales personnel and other staff as necessary; participate in EM e-training activities.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Ability Requirements:

 Studies in Business Administration or related field and knowledge of motorcycle industry or equivalent combination of education and experience.
 MUST have a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement on it!
 Advertising/merchandising and strong negotiation skills.
 PC proficiency and knowledge of MS Office etc products.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Attention to detail
 Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline driven and constantly changing environment
 Flexibility to switch gears with little notice
 Excellent organization skills
 Ability to prioritize workload, meet deadlines and understand when to escalate potential issues
 Basic math skills
 Must be internal and external customer focused
 Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to use tact and diplomacy; must be team player
 Analytical abilities
 Must be self-motivated with ability to use own initiative
 Ability to recognize discrepancies and resolve problems quickly using sound judgment, poise and diplomacy. Requires ability to use judgment and reasoning skills, and determine when issues need to be escalated.
 Must be able to travel to various accounts, industry events, and dealer functions

Project Coordinator:
Dimitrios A. Giannias, Export Manager
(Ph.D.Carnegie-Mellon University, Graduate School of Industrial Administration)


Published on: Oct. 5, 2015

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District Wholesales Development and Marketing Manager


Internship conditions

From : Nov. 10, 2014

Duration : 6 months

Education : GRADUATE

Salary : No salary

Education : GRADUATE

Other languages valued : ENGLISH (intermediate)