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Paid SummerGo Sea & Sports Camp internship in Greece

About us

SummerGo Sports camp offers a variety of outdoor activities, team Building & water sports. A Training course on personal development and experiential nonformal learning in outdoors methods and tools, designed for youthworkers, youthleaders & athletes.


Our activity program guarantees a healthy balance between training, study and leisure time that allows campers to relax and unwind. Our dynamic team organizes a full program of elective social activities and outings.

The main aim is to empower participants with skills and knowledge, to develop and lead international youth and volunteer activities worldwide.

By inviting to this project mostly youth-workers we tend to strengthen cooperation between different stakeholders and to make space for building long-lasting partnerships. We will also encourage our participants towards creating a wide international network that will promote Sports & healthy lifestyle.

Moreover this training will be an opportunity for the participants to share experiences among themselves that will further increase the quality of the created projects.

The groups are arranged by age, and sports are adapted to each group’s age-range. The camper groups alternate tuition and sports & activities, e.g. those doing classes in the morning will do sports & activities in the afternoon. Besides sports like tennis, football, basketball, swimming, volleyball etc, participants will go in for skill games and strategy teambuilding. Some of these activities will take place at the facilities whereas others will take place inside the water. There is creative performance, dancing and arts as well.

While the campers are going in for sports and activities, we promote respect, fun and a team spirit at all times. The campers’ safety and supervision are guaranteed at all times, Campers do a minimum of two sports and one activity per day.

Water Sports Program

Kayaking and windsurfing classes will be held on morning or afternoons, alternately during the week, learning how to surf in different weather conditions etc. Classes are scheduled, supervised and will be given in English. Kayaking (single seated) can be practiced during the week.

The site is located in the periphery of Thessaloniki just 40 minutes away from its centre, into a lovely seashore. It is also regarded as a touristic resort of this region.


Activities: 30 different activities!

Non formal learning activities (simulations, teambuilding, role playing etc)

Dance lessons (Salsa), Zumba, Aerobics

Beach Volley, Soccer, Beach soccer

T-Ball, Softball, TrekkingBiking, Mountain Biking

Basketball, Handball

Dodge Ball


Additional Activities:

Swimming pool

Greek dances

Track and field

Forest arena. Extreme sports

Crossfit, Trampoline

Kayaking. Water sports

Shooting, Archery

Tennis, Ping pong, Mini golf

Tae kwon do, Horse riding

Badminton, Chess

Art workshop

Drama workshop

- Sportive and social attitude

- Leadership abilities 


- Working in a fun and outgoing environment

The start date is 22/08/2016 but it is also flexible so you can apply throughout the whole year.
The duration of this paid internship will be 1 month and is free to apply for.


Published on: June 16, 2016

71 applicants .


Paid SummerGo Sea & Sports Camp internship in Greece

YIA 18

Volunteering conditions

From : Any time!

Duration : Flexible

Education : ANY

Salary : 101- 200 € / month

Education : ANY

No languages required.


YIA 18


YIA 18 is a NGO, active into Erasmus+ youth field. We are promoting & coordinating youth initiatives into the fields, of education, refugees inclusion, sports & healthy lifestyle, cultural diversity & environmental awareness.