Do you want to publish your room? It's easy! is an online platform where students can plan their stay abroad program safely. If you're looking to rent out to students, you're in the right place!

Publishing a room is completely free and easy:

Login to your profile at the top and click on "Your accommodation" and follow the process. Remember to publish it when everything is completed. 
Students can send you messages to ask for details, and of course, you can answer.
When someone wants to book your room you will get an email, so you can either accept or reject the reservation.
Only you decide if you want to accept it! If you accept the reservation, you will get the contact details of the student, and will then be able to finalize the contract.


Eurasmus only charges landlords when you have accepted a reservation.
This fee covers the cost of processing guest payments and is deducted from the landlord payout. 

The cost is a 5% of the total value of the reservation.
Landlord service fees are calculated from the amount of months reserved by a tenant.
*VAT is charged at the applicable rate. 

Example: a 5-month reservation at a listing price of €300

Total reservation value: (5 x € 300) = 1500€
Our commission: 5% x 1500€ =  75€*

When will you get your money? It depends.
Certified members get the money immediately
Standard users will receive their money 24 hours after the arrival of the student.

This is to guarantee the booking. If you want to become a certified member, you need to provide extra information and draw up a contract with us. To learn more about when we make a refund, please, read our booking policy.

Do you need more information or support? Do not hesitate to contact us through the chat in the right bottom or by email at marketing |a_t|