Does your university send students abroad? Do they need accommodation and/or internships? We can help

Eurasmus is a tool for students to help them plan their stay abroad. It is free for both universities and students, and always will be.

Combining our knowledge of student needs, entrepreneurship and technological development, we have created an online platform to address students needs before going abroad. We are former Erasmus students ourselves and have gone through the same experience. We know it can be difficult and stressful and we want to help.

Important key facts

Our project has been partly funded by an EU Regional Development fund as well as through private investments.
We have made it to the final of the Europioneers Entrepreneurs of the year awards under the category 'Startup of the year'.
We have been selected by Telefonica (2nd biggest phone company in the world) to develop our project and we work with one of the main business accelerators in Europe.

What exactly do we offer?

Our platform basically offers 4 kinds of services

  • 1.City Guides
    On our website, students will find unique city guides offering firsthand information for every Erasmus destination, all written by other students. These city guides provide information about where to live, how the transportation system works, and important things to know. All this information had been compiled in order to help students understand their new home. 

2.Risk free accommodation booking system

Our accommodation system allows students to search for guaranteed rooms all over Europe. The system checks and certifies the rooms, and landlords will not receive the first payment until the student arrives and confirms that everything is fine. Learn more about our security policies here.

  • 3.Internships
    We have an internship system with more than 3000 vacancies. It is also completely free for students, who can apply for vacancies and read reviews and comments from other students.
  • 4.Social tools
    Students can find other students that are going to the same destination before they go abroad.

What does a collaboration mean?

We have collaborations with universities all over Europe and are constantly expanding our network. If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can do so in one of two ways:

Send us your students

  • You can either send us a list of your students who require help, or direct your students to contact us. We will take care of them and help them either find the perfect flat, or land an lnternship. We will provide personalized service in order to make the process as stress free as possible. 
  • In terms of accommodation, there is absolutely no risk to your students, and they need not worry about scams or inaccurate listings. To find out more, read our safe booking policy here

Let them know

  • Normally, Universities publish a link in their international relations area or in their handbook so that students can easily find us when preparing for their stay abroad.
  • We also send out an information package with flyers and posters so you have some material in your University to hand out to students.
  • We can also put your information in the university area in every city guide in order to inform potential students about your university or courses.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to talk about the possibilities of a collaboration. We would like to welcome you as a partner and work together to help your students have a great time abroad! Contact our CMO at: