• bed, room, windows
  • bed, room, windows
  • bed, room, windows
  • bed, room, windows
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Room Summary

Enjoy the best food made in the same residence with a first course, second course and dessert. All suggestions for the menus are also accepted. Besides the dining, the room and the refrigerator and the microwave are available for use and enjoyment outside the eating schedule. There is also a living room with TV and games to hang with other residents. We also have an inner courtyard and a terrace for some evening recreation. Bed linen and towels provided by us and washed weekly. All our facilities are equipped with internet access and elevator. There are no entry- or exit hours. Furthermore we engage with each resident to improve relationships among them and promote activities to make it more satisfying stay. Multiple bathrooms in most public areas, total amount of 7 bathrooms. The laundry is private, we will take care of it. Refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and sandwich maker available. PRICES PER PERSON FOR A SHORT STAY: Single Room: Full accommodation 28€ / night - Standard accommodation 24€ / night PRICES PER PERSON FOR LONGER STAY: Individual Room: Full accommodation 650€ / month - Standard accommodation 550€ / month The full accommodation includes three meals a day and laundry. Standard accommodation includes sleeping only. Right now there are 5 single rooms and 3 double rooms free from July.

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